I gave Z scrambled egg yolk this morning. He went NUTS for it! I let him eat it with his fingers, so he probably ended up with about 3/4 of a scrambled yolk in his mouth, but wow. I had it sitting in a bowl and kept putting some on the tray of his highchair...after a while he grabbed the bowl out of my hands and started eating the scrambled yolk right out of the bowl.

By "eating it out of the bowl" I mean, he put his entire face into the bowl and licked up the yolk. We're all about the class at my house;)

You should know that I HATE eggs. The smell, the texture, the taste. I just can't get on board. However, my kiddo apparently loves them, so I'll suffer for the greater good. Sigh. The things I do for my kid;)

In addition to egg yolk, we are also very into rotisserie chicken for lunch and/or dinner. He still lets me feed him fruit (he won't pick it up because it's slimy, I assume) and yogurt and sometimes purees of veggies and meat. Sometimes. This kid I tell you.

Z's aunty Sarah was over at our house the other day. He decided to show her his new skill. New skill= face smacking. He smacks everyone's face- HARD! I didn't think a 9 month old could be so powerful. She was awesome about it and removed his arm and looked him straight in the eye saying "GENTLE". Exactly what I do. He doesn't really listen yet...but we don't let him get away with anything either. Face smacking is not a habit I want to get used to!

Z had his 9 month checkup. 20lbs, 30inches. Doctor said he's about the size of an average one year old, especially in height. I think Z thinks he is a one year old. He's a wild furniture cruiser recently and he loves to let go of everything and see how long he can stand before falling. It's good times over here folks!

Think we're staying in today. It's cold out, I don't have anywhere I need to be, and I really need to shower. He's napping right now, so I better get on that while I can. Hygiene...ya. Good thing he doesn't know what mommy used to look like.


  1. oh sounds like my grandbaby he is 10 months old and most people think he is 18 months. Big boy!
    But his aunt doesn't like the yolk but loved the whites... I like the yokes better then the whites. His mommy likes pouched eggs.

  2. Ruth (aka "Grandma")February 9, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    I'm surprised that Z likes eggs so much, considering his mom & grandmother don't like them at all!
    It looks like he will be a good eater!
    Hurray for Z!!

  3. a hahahaha... what mommy used to look like. So funny. I can't wait to feed Jack eggs... sounds fun!

  4. Scrambled eggs are a staple around here! I remember the face smacking stage. It is amazing how strong those little hands are. Just wait until he discovers that he can pinch your cheeks too - ouch!


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