Kind of a compliment...

I was told this past week, by an acquaintance:

"If I didn't know what you looked like before you had your baby, I wouldn't think you look big at all right now."

Hm. I'm trying very hard to take that as a compliment. Very hard.

In other news, I started a blog series on, focusing on different parenting philosophies and ideals. Each month I'll focus on a different mom with a different view of parenthood.
My first one is up (featuring the lovely Kristy: The Enviro-Mom) and I'd love you to check it out and show some comment love: GO HERE


  1. ....."If I didn't know what you looked like before......
    humm.. I guess I don't get it...
    then again...... what ever that meant just ignore it, people try to say things that they think sound nice but are not always that way.
    But then practice for when you have a daughter and she turns into a teenager......LOL I have one not talking to me right now.......

  2. Meaning- "You were WAY thinner before you had your baby. You don't look AWFUL now, but you looked WAY better before you had him." (of course, I put the emphasis in.
    But you're right- I should just ignore!

  3. Ruth (aka "Grandma)February 5, 2010 at 9:04 AM

    It sounds like that person was giving you a compliment; receive it the way it was intended.

    The "Enviro-Mom" article is very interesting!

  4. That reminds me of last week when my husband saw a photo of me and Julia. She was less than one at the time and I just looked puffy all over. My husband: "Is that you? Oh my gosh, look at your arms! I don't remember you looking that bad!"



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