So Z and I are stuck at my mom & dad's house.  They live in Northern Ontario. 

The weather was great here and I had planned to leave this morning.  But when I woke up, I was given quite the suprise!!  SNOW- EVERYWHERE. 

Normally this would make me happy. I love the first snow of the season.  However, when planning to travel at least 3 hours with a 7 month old, snow is not the greatest thing to see.  Especially snow that hasn't stopped all day.  Especially snow that hasn't stopped all day and isn't melting as soon as it hits the ground.

So, we're stuck here.  For now.  Until the plows get out and visibility is better or my hubby comes up to help with the drive home.  Because I am not driving my baby and I back alone if I'm going to be stuck on the roads in slow moving traffic with Z strapped in his car seat screaming for 4 hours.

I wish I had my camera so you could see the snow, but sufice it to say that it's too much for this city girl to risk.  Praying that it slows down so the roads are clear when I plan to head out tomorrow!!!


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")December 4, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    Being "stuck" at your parents home isn't so bad is it????
    We are glad to have you & Zach for a little longer!

  2. It's so bizarre how you can have a ton of snow there and it's beautiful and sunny here in Whitby. I forget how big this province is. Stay safe!!!

  3. Wow. I am in Southern Mississippi and we are excited that we MIGHT get snow flurries tonight! LOL Have fun visiting a little extra and be safe getting home! I don't blame you for refusing to make that trip with the baby int he snow.

  4. Yay! I'm headed to Muskoka tomorrow :) Safe trip home!!!


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