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Remember being a brand new mom?  I certainly do...granted it was just 7 months ago, but those 7 months have been some of the busiest, head-spinningest, mind-boggling moments of my life!

I've waxed poetic about this before- but no matter how many books I read and websites I perused, I was so completely unprepared for new motherhood and all that it would bring to my life.  Gah!  Who knew that when you read that you wouldn't get much sleep, that meant you wouldn't get ANY sleep??  Who knew that breastfeeding could feel like torture and bottle feeding with formula could end up causing a Niagara Falls of throw-up??  Who knew that everytime my new baby coughed it didn't mean that he had a lung infection and he didn't need to be run to the pediatrician?

I'll tell you who knew: other moms!!  As baby Z has grown, other moms have become my best ali and my greatest resource.  They know.  They know more then any website or book could ever tell me and they're willing to tell you exactly the way it is.  Some of the best advice I have heard, I feel, should be passed on to you.  Seasoned moms, new moms, expecting moms, or ever people who think they might be moms one day need to know:
  1. Trust your own instincts, even if you are a first time mother.  You carried that baby for 9 months and it is your responsibility.  Don't be afraid to listen to that "little voice".
  2. Do what is right for YOU AND YOUR BABY.  Whatever works for you (within common sense reason of course) is what you should do.
  3. Ask for help.  Now is not the time to be proud.  When people say it takes a village to raise a child, they were right.  Trying to do everything on your own will only result in an exhausted, stressed out mommy.
  4. Eat while your baby sleeps.  Shower whenever you can.  Prepare your diaper bag the night before,even if you don't think you're going out the next day.  A tiny bit of forethought goes a long way in saving your sanity.
  5. Tell your baby that you love him EVERY SINGLE DAY
Those are just a few of the amzing pieces of advice I've received in the first 7 months of my child's life.  I'm sure that other mothers could add one or two tidbits that saved them when they were new moms or when they were returning to work.

Now you have the chance to share that advice and win something for it!!  You should know by now that I love myself a good contest, and I wanted to share this one with all my mommy friends out there.

Pampers is creating a Pampers Tip Sheet that will chock full of useful information by moms for moms.  Real advice that is practical and useable.  Wouldn't you hae killed for that when having your baby?

Enter your best mom tips HERE for the chance to win a $20 gift card (25 winners) or a grand prize of $500 (and who couldn't use that with Christmas right around the corner?).  There are two categories:

1. How to cope with going back to work 
2. Mom/Baby Sleep Tips

You can enter all tips HERE until December 10th! 

And, if you don't mind, feel free to share all parenting tips here with me!! Lord knows I could use them:)

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