Really Child...

Today was such a mixed up day for my little man
Here's a play by play of our day (which, started off with him waking up at least 5 times in the middle of the night and jumping around in his crib...):

5am- WAKE UP!!! What what what what??  You never wake up this early...please go to sleep hunny.  What's that? You want to eat?  OK, mommy will go and get your bottle.  And change your diaper.  OK- eat up.  What's that? You ate the whole thing?  You want to go back to sleep?  OK...shhhhhhh- back to sleep.

8am- Awake again- thank you for going back to sleep after your bottle.  We'll get dressed for the day now.  Let's go eat breakfast- oat cereal and pears for you.  Honey Bunches of Oats for you.  And a HUGE coffee.

11am- Don't you want a nap? You really should think about a nap!! Please honey?? No nap...oh, you have to go to the bathroom.  Let mommy change your poopy diaper.  Please stop rolling away.  Please let mommy wipe your bum.  Please don't try to rub your bum all over the change table...I haven't wiped your bum yet.  Get back here.  Z!!!!!!!! Stop that and come over here.

11:30am- Diaper is changed.  I am sweating.  You are sleepy now.  SHHHHHH!! Go to sleep.

12:00pm- Awake, already?? Come on kid!  OK, lunch then- beef and roasted squash for you.  Bagel and cream cheese for me.  Let's head out and do some shopping maybe you'll be tired when we get back.

1:30pm- Napping again? Awesome.  I've got some work to do

2pm- Awake?? COME ON!!!!  Please go back to sleep....what's that? It's party time??  Nice...let's go downstairs to party...mommy really has some things she needs to get done....but I guess it doesn't matter today:(

4pm- WAHHHHHHHHHH!  (Z, not me)  I DON'T WANT TO EAT MY DINNER!!! Ok, I'll just eat the sweet potato, not anything else

4:30pm- WAHHHHHHHHH! (me and Z)

5:00pm- Bath time- splash, splash, splash...mommy didn't need to bother with a shower this morning.  I'm covered in a little boy's bathwater!!!!  At least he's a happy little boy.

5:30pm- Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus, Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late,  My Red Mittens...

5:45pm- So tired.  Poor baby.  Here's your bottle.  You're asleep. Ok, it's really early for you to be asleep.

7:30pm- You're still asleep...but mommy has a feeling that she might be in for a long night/early morning...


  1. Oh I hope he stays asleep. I hate when they do the 30 min naps...

  2. Here's hoping the little man surprises you and sleeps like an angel all night long!


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