Great Children's Books??

Normally I don't just link from this blog to my other blog on urbanmoms, but I'm looking for some good ideas for books for Z for Christmas (although, I buy them all the time...just happen to have a really good excuse this time!!).
If you get a chance, please pop over HERE and leave me a comment (you don't need to be a member of the site to leave a message), and give me some good ideas for books for kids!

Now that my plug is over, here's some updates:

1) We climbed the stairs today.  It took 1/2 hour.  He layed down at the top...exhausted.  We'll do it again tomorrow...good time killer:)

2) We fed ourselves Gerber puffs (yup, I had some too).  He had the BEST time feeding himself.  I, of course, am so paranoid that he will choke...but I'm trying to be calm and give him opportunities to eat finger foods because he really enjoyed the experience!


4) I received an email from a division of Random House Canada, informing me that I have the opportunity to write reviews for some of their books!! Which means I will be able to share some of these novels with you all!! Looking forward to it, my friends!

5) We are super busy over here at Sleeping Is For if I don't get the chance to blog as often, please forgive and expect a LOT more in the new year!!

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