A Family Sunday

I haven't posted in a while.
Please accept my apologies!
Z and I have been busy bunnies- running all around town trying to get our shopping done and visit with friends before they take off for the Christmas season...

Hubs, Z and I had a great Sunday.  We got up nice and early (thanks, kid!), made it to church EARLY!!! (a Christmas miracle), grocery shopped, made pizza, and played, ate and slept (well, hubs did) all day.  It was an uneventful but amazing day.

I'm hoping that hubs will be home early tomorrow- my bootcamp class was moved to Monday for this week (last one before holidays) and I'm really hoping I can make it.  If I can, I'll be sure to post all about it...

But the real reason for my post...we went grocery shopping and there were NO EGGOS.  Hubs was really disappointed that he had to buy the No Name brand in order to enjoy waffley-goodness in the morning.  Thought Joey over at Big Teeth & Clouds  might enjoy that info!

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