I'm really really proud of my girl friends. I've had lots of "friendships" over the years, but there are girls in my life now that I'm so very, very proud of because they are living their lives the way they want to, exploring new avenues, and not being afraid to take risks. We're all approaching, or in, our 30's, and it feels like life is really just beginning for us all.

Let me just give you a little sneak peek (and this is not an exhaustive list by any means!!!):

E is taking the LSAT after being a teacher for years. She will do amazingly, I know it!
S is going to college after years of talking about it!! I can't wait for the free facials girlie:)
G left her job and CANADA to pursue her clothing line, which is beyond beautiful and amazing.
A is my "mommy guru", the funniest person I know, and (while a pretty new friend, considering) a real inspiration
N is getting marrrrieeeed to a really amazing guy who actually deserves her. Plus, she's a kick-butt, hot model!
AM bought a house and has a new teaching position which she 100% deserves!
LP lives my journalism dream every day. She is such an amazing writer and I am so proud of ALL her accomplishments in life!

Not to mention all the amazing new mommy friends I've met since having Zach, or all the other friends in my life who just inspire me with the way they live their lives from day to day.
I really believe that God brings the right people into your life at the right time, and I am so thankful that God chose to bring all of you into my life to inspire me the way you do!!!

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  1. awe... thats so nice. I love your posts!! Your friends are lucky to have you!


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