Blogger eats my posts!

I have written 3 posts today and Blogger has eaten them all:(

Sorry to have been such a slacker. Zach is feeling a ton better, got most of his energy back, and has decided he would now like to crawl. He is 5 months old. I told him he, in no way, needs to crawl yet. He laughed at me and kept working on it...hmmmmmm.

I have been feeling so energetic lately- all I want to do is clean and play and clean and play...I keep waiting for the inevitable crash. That crash, of course, will be accompanied by Zachary not wanting to nap, I'm sure of it! It's just the way it goes.

Storytime tomorrow- I think Zach is really looking forward to being out of the house and seeing people that aren't me. We only have 2 more weeks of storytime left- not sure what we'll sign up for next. Hopefully something equally as fun and free!

As a nice ending to my day, I picked up the mail and recieved a free book from Random House. I have no idea why I got it, I must have won some type of contest, but I'll take pretty much anything that is free, so yeah me!! It's called "The Girls" by Lori has great reviews on Amazon, so I'm hoping it will be a page turner. The last two books I tried to read ("The American Wife" and "Pillars of the Earth") were sooooooo not my type of book and I really couldn't get through them. Hopefully this book will tide me over until another book on my list becomes available through the library...but I'll let you know!

Crossing my fingers that this post sticks.......


  1. Blogger always does an automatic save on my posts. Did you look to see if you had it saved on your dashboard?

  2. It usually does for me, but for some reason it was acting up yesterday- seems fine today...fingers crossed!


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