Baby Food

Zachary has started eating pureed baby food. Not jarred. Homemade Pureed Baby Food. I have tried countless jars and different types but, nope, my baby only wants his mommy's food. Trust me, I'm happy to have him eating food that is fresh and homemade, but I had never been the type of mother who had to make her child's food. In fact, I would have been more then happy to have him eat organic jarred baby food. But nope- he's not having it! If it's not made by me, it's not being eaten.

So now, my evenings are full of steaming and pureeing and freezing ice cubes trays of baby food for my darling boy. And, man, does he ever like to eat it! He devours his food with gusto. It usually ends up all over his face and hands, but I don't mind. Sometimes he won't even look up at me, he's so intent on eating that food! Unfortunately, I often have to cut him off because he just can't stop. He wants more cereal, more pears, more carrots, sweet potato, and just about anything else that comes his way. As a compromise, I let him lick his bowl clean after we're done eating.

Although I had always wanted to give Zach organic food, I find the organic fruit and veggie selection here in Whitby leaves a lot to be desired. It is often the least fresh looking of all the produce at the store, so, as a compromise, I am simply choosing as many seasonal, fresh veggies and fruit as I can find. If it looks good, then I buy it. If it's grown locally, even better. Last week I picked up fresh squash, carrots and apples from the farm down the street to turn into baby food. During the winter, when local farms don't have their produce for sale, I'll be only choosing food that looks good.

I love feeding this little boy, though, and I'm so happy that he enjoys his food as much as he does. It's so fun to have all these new experiences with Zachary and see him growing and developing so quickly. That being said, why can't he eat jarred baby food...just once????


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")October 20, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    As far as I can remember, you and your sister Elizabeth, didn't care if your food was homemade or store bought. How does Zach know if Mommy made his food or not?
    He really is "super baby"...wise beyond his years (oops...I mean months) :)

  2. Have you tried avocado?! No cooking necessary and my little man LOVED it. The texture when pureed is soo creamy and the good fats are excellent for brain development :)


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