No-Cook Fridays!

I don't. I won't. Friday's are my day of rest!!!

I actually used to like to cook, but my time is very limited now and the meals that I create are planned and started during one nap and finished off usually as Chris is walking through the door. It doesn't really allow for the creativity and time that I used to put into my food.

When Zach was a bit younger, and naps were sporadic at best, Chris was lucky if I put a frozen pizza in the oven. That's when I created No-Cook Fridays.

We've graduated from greasy drive-thru take-out (although McD's is still my favourite) to yummy Greek, Spring Rolls pad thai, and East Side Marios pasta/bread/salad. I absolutely, without a doubt, look forward to my No-Cook Fridays. It gets me through the day- especially when it has been an exhausting week! I think about what Chris will bring home all day long- I try not to eat too much during the day so I don't ruin my appetite for the deliciousness that is food not cooked by me.

Friday's used to be dedicated to Starbucks (aptly named "Starbuck Fridays"), but construction right outside of my favourite Starbucks has led to its demise. So now Fridays will be renamed "No-Cook Fridays"- and will continue to be my favourite day of the week:)

ps- it's my last day of being 28 years old...sigh:(


  1. What was it yesterday?? :)

  2. Spring rolls!!!!!!! Pad thai, dumplings, &springrolls


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