Sleeping is totally for LOSERS!

This is the first and best lesson my son has taught me. Who really needs or wants sleep??
Not my 4 month old, that is for sure!! I have read all the books and tried all the various ways that are "100 % foolproof ways"...uh-huh.

1) lull him to sleep with your voice (he screams louder...apparently my voice doesn't lull very well)
2) swaddle and shhhhhhhhhh (worked until he figured out how to get out of the swaddled and cried louder then I could shhhhhhhhhhhh)
3)rock, swing, shhhhhhhhh (again- his face would get so red and his cries would get so loud that I was too scared to keep trying this one)
4)cry it out (he just keeps crying...then he stops and plays...then he cries again...the cycle is endless)

Zach does sleep- and once he falls asleep he's usually pretty good about staying asleep. It's just that he has it in his mind that sleep is unnecessary for him and I (his mother) need to learn that.

So he plays, and smiles, and coos, and practices his crawling and rolling and turning. He does the cutest things in his crib when he knows he should be sleeping, all in an attempt to get picked up and win this battle that we have going on. He'll whine and fuss and spit (yup, that's his new thing). I keep walking back in, patting his back, giving him a kiss, and creeping back out before he realizes I'm gone. It's a fun game for him...but he never does win. Eventually, his eyes will start to close and even though he continues to roll and turn and practice that crawling, he will finally be still and go to sleep!

In the end, I have resigned myself to just continually trying to come up with new ways to put him down for naps and for his nighttime sleep. And Zach continually tries to come up with new and cute ways to teach me that sleep is for losers and he is SOOOOOOO not a loser:)


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")September 10, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    These blogs are priceless!!!

  2. I say let him cry it out. He'll figure it out that sleep is inevitable. But he does do some pretty cute and funny things until he does figure it out.

  3. Get a old rocking chair that squeeks when it rocks and just rock away. This worked for my nephew who was thw worlds champ and crying and refusing to go to sleep.


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