Chris got me an iTouch for my birthday (ya, I'm 29...blech).

I didn't need a new phone and I really didn't want to be stuck with a monthly phone bill that was astronomical. I mostly wanted something with a good calendar and a way to carry my pictures of Zach around.
You see, I am kind of a bragger when it comes to Zach and I feel it is important for me to have pictures of him wherever I go so people can see that, yes, my child is incredibly cute, smart, and abnormally advanced for his age.

I also have mommy brain. I used to be able to remember ANYTHING you threw at me. When I was teaching, I never wrote things down because I just didn't forget things. I had a built-in calendar. Since having Zach, that has all changed. I will say yes to a play date, get home, then realize that I had already booked something for that day. Because Zachary is still so little, I can only justify doing one activity a day- otherwise he is worn out and tends to scream....loudly.
I needed something that I could take with me in the diaper bag that would allow me to know exactly what I was doing and when I was doing it.

Thus- the best present in the world- the iTouch. Now if people would only unlock their internet connections so that I could get free internet on it....


  1. Hey Sarah! Good for you for starting a blog! I love it - you've got the perfect reason to start one now too :)

    So I just got an itouch for my birthday and wedding, and I absolutely love it! I'm with you though - I wish I could scam more free internet.

  2. I like that as a wedding gift!!! Beats crystal glasses and china!


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