Sleeping Is For Losers 2.0

Please say it isn't so, but it looks like my precious, awesome, amazing sleeping Will is turning into his older brother. His older brother who BARELY SLEEPS! STILL! Even though he's TWO! So, here we go, Sleeping is for Losers 2.0.
W has been sleeping in a bassinet in my room for the past 10 weeks of his life. (can you believe he's 10 weeks old?). The first 7 weeks- he was the greatest sleeper EVER! The past three weeks...oy. Up every two hours. Not really hungry or interested in playing...just up and needing my attention. And he's started creeping. Z did this too. I lay him on his back and he starts kicking his legs, creeping up as far as he can. So he barely fits in his bassinet anymore. But he won't sleep in his crib. In fact, I get barely 45 minutes out of W if he's in his crib.

Swaddled. Not swaddled. Blanket. No blanket. Paci. No paci. Noise. No noise. Get the picture- nothing has helped. So we'll be a tired, Diet Coke/Coffee loving household for the next little while, me thinks. Why oh why can't my children SLEEP????

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  1. Have you tried a recieving blanket rolled up and placed in a U-shape in the crib? Makes them feel like they are in a carseat. Worked for both my guys - having them sleep a little longer in the crib.

  2. Good idea!! Trying it as we speak...

  3. Perhaps you have triedDiablo 3 Items any recieving cover rolled up along with put into a new U-shape within the baby crib? Ensures they are GW2 Goldseem like these are inside a carseat. Worked for both the people -- getting them to snooze longer from the crib.


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