Wednesday Confessions

I've been saving up my confessions [obviously when you're as perfect as me you can't expect to have failures every single week, amIrite?]

  • I'm starting a new job! That's not really a bad confession. In fact, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this opportunity to learn and grow from the smartest businesswoman I have ever met! I'm also nervous as all get-out, but it's that really exciting, good nervous when you know something is going to happen and it's going to be awesome (positive thinking for the win!). 
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  • At the bus stop recently, everyone was commenting on how much my oldest had grown because his pants were looking so short on him and I was all I KNOW! He is getting so mature and sprouting up so quickly. Then he got home from school and I realized he was in his LITTLE BROTHER'S JEANS! He hadn't grown even a centimeter. [extra confession: this is not the first time I have sent one of my kids to school in the wrong clothes. What is wrong with me!?]
  • I quit Diet Coke. This is a big one for me because I LOVE DIET COKE more than life, to be honest. But I realized I was most likely addicted to it. I would find myself almost unbearably agitated and angry until I had a sip of DC. I could literally feel myself calming down as I took my first sip. That scared me enough to decide to quit it cold turkey. The first week was absolute hell, but it got a lot easier. I haven't quit caffeine, but I have noticed I consume a lot less on a daily basis (coffee and maybe a non-herbal tea in the afternoon). 
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  • I love America [mostly for their grocery stores!]. Why, oh why, can't we get Keebler Coconut Dreams in Canada? Why, oh why, can't we get International Delight Sweet Cream in Canada? Even their American cheese strings taste better (according to my kids). I was excited to bring home a good grocery haul but sadly it was decimated in the first week we were back from our epic road trip. Ah, the struggle is real. 
  • Speaking of...we took an EPIC road trip to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan (right by the Wisconsin boarder). I will confess that I was petrified of bringing my kids on an 11 hour car ride and then staying with virtual strangers (who are now family). I stress at pizza like nobody's business for a good week leading up to the trip.In the end? They were freaking AWESOME and made me want to pack the car and go on another adventure right away. They weren't perfect but they were good. They were really, really good. It made me so thankful for their continued maturity and growth [and that this parenting thing does seem to get a teeny tiny bit easier from time to time]. I've totally got this parenting thing, right?


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