Midweek Confessions

I'm back with midweek confessions!
  • I must admit that this week I have been beyond irritated with human beings in general, but I've been particularly annoyed with a group of (I'm sure very sweet and well meaning) teenage girls who were going on and on at the nail salon about how hard their life is because they have exams. EXAMS. That's what was sooooo awful about their lives. Before you get all sanctimonious on me, YES, I am sure I thought the same when I was that age. I'm sure I complained obnoxiously about exams. But I'm sitting over here in my 30s with a husband and two kids and a job, trying to get my nails done and juggle it all and {often} doing a crappy job, so hearing them complain about EXAMS in HIGH SCHOOL had me all like  

  • My husband and I are currently hooked on Homeland (Season 5). We can't stop watching. We are quite literally ignoring every other thing that needs to be done in our home just to binge on Homeland in the evening. Dishes? Nope. Lunches? Heck no. It's us, all the junk food that we hide from the kids, and Homeland every single evening. Heck, I even turned down a dinner invite and put my kids to bed early so we could jump back into this season {no spoilers!}.
  • Friday is MY day. I don't work on Fridays so it's a full day where my kids are at school and I can get every single thing done that I need and/or want to. Or I can just sit on my butt and binge on Homeland :) It is the best day and I look forward to it all week. But last Friday, I got a call from my son's school that he was sick (he was not) and I needed to come pick him. I actually argued with the secretary on the phone for a significant amount of time because, I mean, it is MY Friday. MY FRIDAY!!! Moms, I know you understand how I looked the entire drive over to pick him up:

  • I'm trying to temper my love of coffee and Diet Coke with copious amounts of water. I've become a smidge obsessed with the colour of my urine. I almost look forward to peeing just so I can admire my clearly hydrated pee.

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  1. I've had many plans spoiled by sicks kids. It's hard to give up your time alone.


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