Midweek Confessions

Remember years ago when I used to do a midweek confession post? Well, I do... and I'm going to bring them back. Without more preamble...

++ I told people a few months ago that I was quitting Diet Coke. Like, I made a HUGE deal out of it {oh, I HATE additives and aspartame and I just want to be all natural}. But I lied, because I think I went one full day without Diet Coke (or DC as I lovingly call it) before going insane, deciding life without DC wasn't worth it and guzzling that lovely liquid gold again on the daily. #DCforlife

++ I am currently watching HGTV upstairs while typing my confessions. My husband is watching HGTV downstairs in our living room. Exact same show, exact same house, exact same time. And texting each other about it. #marriedlife #househunters

++ I'm ridiculously awful at spread sheets. I always thought I was great at them (I mean, someone told me I was one time) until I started a job when I had to use spread sheets regularly and I'm just like WHATTTTTTT  all the time. #excel

++ I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading up on podcasting lately. I'm thinking that Sleeping is for Losers: The Podcast might be in my near future. Anyone want to be a guest?

++ I sent my youngest son to school last week with a sandwich made on mouldy bread. In my defence, it was a brand new loaf of bread so it didn't dawn on me that it may be mouldy. He made a big deal about telling his teacher, who told him to toss it out... I can only imagine what she thinks of me:) #bestparentever #momfail

++ I made two pacts with myself: read a book each month and work out three times a week. I really am doubting my ability to do either because honestly, this is me:

AHHHHH! It felt good to get back into the confession mode:)


  1. Real talk: I too am addicted to diet coke. every single time I crack one open, I can hear my mom's voice in my head with the "aspartame can kill you!" rant. but I just don't care. it's too good.

  2. Hilarious. I just found your page via the linkup and I love these confessions. I've done "diets" too where was really vocal about my commitment but I only lasted a couple of days. The struggle is real and sometimes the journey is long - give yourself time to get there.
    Totally going to follow you now. I think you're funny :-)

  3. The sandwich... hilarious! Put a book beside your bed. You'll finish it in no time :)


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