Kraft Food Hacker Semi-Finalist!

WHOOOO! A week or so ago, I submitted a video to be Kraft Canada's first ever Food Hacker! 

And guess what? I made it to the semi-finals!!!

I will be participating in a Twitterview (an interview on Twitter) TONIGHT (Monday, August 11) during the Kraft Food Hack Twitter Party from 8:00p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and I'd love for you to join in the fun:)

Why am I the perfect candidate for this job?

Well, I'm not trained chef, but I did teach myself how to cook. 

Way back in 1998, when I left home for university, I didn't know how to do much more than boil water or microwave a pre-made meal. After gaining the Freshman 20 (that's a thing, right?), I decided I needed to learn how to cook...and so I began experimenting in the kitchen.

Remember, this was a time before Food Network, food blogging, online 'how-to' videos, etc. This was a time when you had to call your mom, call your grandma (who I would consider to be the original food hacker in my life!), or buy a cookbook and figure out cooking for yourself. I made a lot of mistakes in the kitchen (I still do!) but I also learned a lot about cooking.

I have learned that I love great food and I love making great food for others. I also learned that great food does not have to be time consuming or expensive (a lesson that has served me well as my family has grown!). Anything that makes my time in the kitchen a little bit easier is right up my alley! I also learned that I love fiddling with recipes- if I eat something delicious at a restaurant, I go home and try to recreate it Sarah-style. If I'm at a party, I spend too much time at the serving stations checking out their ingredients and then (you guessed it!) recreating it at home (Sarah-style- quick and easy, of course). Heck, I'm pretty sure I am the queen of making something out of next to nothing!

To top it off, I live for social media and love tweeting, blogging, facebooking and writing and have spent the better part of the past 2 years as an on-air personality, discussing "hot topics" in the news and parenting issues. I feel like I was born to talk on air and love engaging with a variety of audiences on a variety of topics. Having been a poor college student, a newly-wed, a new mom and now a harried mom of two, I know I am able to relate to people during all stages of their life.

In short, I am the perfect person to fill the inaugural "Food Hack" shoes for Kraft Canada:) and I welcome the opportunity to chat food with my fellow semi-finalists tonight!!! 

Wish me luck! xo

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