Foodie Friday: Stuffed Mushrooms

A few years ago I was hosting a get together at my house and decided, about an hour before guests
were to arrive, that I needed another appetizer to compliment my already prepared bruschetta. 

I ran to the grocery store, prepared to get all the ingredients I needed for stuffed mushrooms (these are a go-to fav at every party/event I have ever attended, so I figured my guests would love them). However, when I saw herb & garlic cream cheese on the shelf, I decided to throw caution to the wind and create my very own food hack. Guess what? They were a crazy hit, and I've been making herb& garlic cream cheese stuffed mushrooms ever since.

Recently, Kraft decided to host a food hackers competition and, as a certified* food hacker, I decided to make a one minute video to enter myself.

Here's my recipe for the best (and easiest) stuffed mushrooms you will ever make:

Thanks to my husband for skipping his nightly viewing of the Jays game to help me film this (and putting up with my 5 wardrobe changes). And thanks to Kraft for hosting such a fun competition. I love a good food hack and Lord knows I have a million of them born mostly out of necessity.

*not a legitimate certification but real, nonetheless

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  1. You would be such a great candidate for this job! My fingers are crossed for you!


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