Best New Mom Christmas Gifts

Got a new mom on your Christmas list this year?

I've been a new mom. Twice. So I get how hard it can be to buy for a new mom. What do you get a sleep deprived, hormonal, emotional often overwhelmed female that won't cause her to become even more emotional/overwhelmed/hormonal/etc.?

Sure, a candle, some bubble bath, a massage gift certificate are good ideas, but you can do better. Chances are she isn't getting into a relaxing bubble bath any time soon and a massage- while a lovely idea- is just not going to be enjoyed by a nursing, engorged mom like it should.

When time is of the essence and everything around her feels abnormal, a new mom needs a gift that is going to make her feel special, help her gain back some time, or just save her sanity.

So do you have a new mom on your list this year?

Make her sparkle!

Following the birth of both my sons, I felt frumpy. I lived in yoga pants and a ponytail (that was likely unwashed). I was really a shell of who I had been pre-kids. I think most new moms have felt that way. So give that mom something that will make her feel shiny and chic. And what could be more perfect than a big, sparkly ring? Earrings and necklaces are likely to be tugged on and ripped off at some point, but a ring is the perfect piece of jewelry - something that can be slipped on her finger when she's running out the door with baby in tow or when she (finally) gets that (rare) night out sans child.

Our fav? We are obsessed with rings from Tissh by Gloria Lee. Available at a great price point (from $50-$60 CAD), they add a touch of elegance and shine to any outfit. Excellent quality and stunning in person- they're sure to get the new mom on your list back feeling a little more chic.

Warm her up!

Yes, a warm robe and fuzzy slippers are nice, but reusable heat pads are a new mom must-have. Perfect for those sore backs, aching muscles, linger epidural pain, or just cold hands - these gel pads get hot in seconds (with just a click) and stay warm for up to 90 minutes. They can warm you up while nursing in the middle of the night or keep hands and toes warm during cold winter walks. I had a ton of back pain following the birth of my first son and was stuck using bulky water bottles that often were cool before I could apply the heat. What I wouldn't have given for a click and heat pack!

Our fav? ClickHeat reusable heating pads are super easy to use, come in a variety of sizes and uses (from tiny hand warmers to large back pads). Colourful and portable, savvy moms can even use them to heat up their baby's bottle while on the go!

Sweeten her up!

New moms and showering don't seem to go hand-in-hand. You might not be able to give her time to shower every day but you can help her smell great and feel a bit refreshed, even when she can't shower! Buy the new mom on your list some delicious smelling products that don't require a bath- some dry shampoo
to freshen up her roots, luxurious hand/body creme and a travel-sized perfume (perfect for the diaper bag- or days she forgets that all important deodorant)

Our fav? In our opinion, there is no product on the market that smells better than Cake. Buy their Satin Sugar dry shampoo powder (for light or dark hair) and Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme (which I use everywhere- especially in the winter). For a delicious scent on the go, buy that new mom on your list a Marc Jacobs Fragrance rollerball trio from Sephora- three sophisticated, feminine scents that are sure to please!

Make her life easy!

No new mom's life will be the same once they have been gifted with an easy-to-use blender. From whirring up homemade stew into baby food to whipping up smoothies for breakfast- a small countertop
blender is the perfect gift. Added bonus? They're great for mixing up a cocktail:)

Our fav? The Magic Bullet. It takes up a small amount of space but packs a big punch. They'll chop up nuts for homemade protein bars, whip up "green monster" smoothies full of spinach and kale or turn your dinner into baby food. Quick to use and easy to clean, they are what every new mom needs!

Really, REALLY Spoil her!

For those days when getting out of the house is just not happening, where non-stop crying only gives way to the silence of a nap, or a group of girls are coming for a playdate - nothing is more luxurious (and sometimes necessary) than an at-home espresso maker. It can be a real day saver.

Our fav? In our experience, nothing has made a better at-home espresso than the Cuisinart Espresso Maker. It has a warming tray, a steam nozzle, and cleans up easily (a must!). Make one cup or two- although, who are we kidding? New moms will always make two cups of espresso. Added bonus- it's quiet enough that you won't wake the baby!

Bonus gift? Give her your time. Show up at her house with some indulgent bath products (We love Airbonne Aromassentials Sea Salt Scrub - check out for more products!), a magazine, and send her away for an hour or two of relaxing in her own bathroom (super bonus if you give her an additional hour to nap and/or do her hair!). Make her promise not to come see the baby until she has properly relaxed! Sometimes time is the best gift of all!

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  1. Treat the new mom in your life to an indulgence just for her.

    Thanks for the gift ideas.


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