Vegas Or Bust

one month.
that's all I have.
one month until my husband and I jet off for three nights and four kidless days in VEGAS!
to say I'm excited would be an understatement. 
I haven't exactly lost all my pre-baby weight.

 I have about 5 pounds to lose before I am at my pre-William weight.
(and I know that 5 pounds doesn't sound like A LOT, but it is the difference between feeling like you've squished into your clothes and feeling like your clothes fit just right)

And to be really really truthful, I have about 10 (or a tad more) pounds to lose before I am at my pre-Zachary weight. I'm not positive I'll make it there, because my pre-Zachary body took at least 1.5 hours of exercise daily and a very low-carb diet that I was extremely strict about. But it's a nice goal to have.

The Past
A few months ago, my husband's family did a family photo shoot. I was about 6 months postpartum. This is what I looked like in the photos. 

I bawled the first time I saw them. That doesn't even look like me. 
And, yes, I'm wearing an open jacket and posing on a bit of an angle. But still. It just doesn't look like me.

The Present
But it was the butt kick I needed. Within 2 months of the shoot, I lost about 12 pounds. It helped that baby Will was starting to sleep through the night. And even though it isn't the best picture, here I am two days ago, looking a lot more like my (fishy) self.

But now we have Vegas in one month. And I really want to look as good as I can. And I really want to fit into a few of my nicest dresses. And I just want to be as good as I can be.

The Plan
1) LIMIT CARBS- I already know that carbs make me feel bloated and yucky. They're fast and easy (and important for my two growing boys), but years of eating has taught me that carbs make my stomach and face puffy and leave me feeling sluggish. I will get most of my carbs from fruit, veggies and (occasionally) whole grains if I'm really needing them. I don't have a 'bad' diet in all reality, but carbs are my nemesis. 

2) EXERCISE-  A MINIMUM of 5 days a week. I'll be doing a combo of running on our treadmill (I broke our iPod or I'd be running outside) and Booty Camp Fitness DVDs and Tone It Up online videos (strength/cardio). Plus bench pressing my kids;)

3) SLEEP- I have been giving up sleep for work. And sometimes it is necessary, but often it is not. My body holds onto weight like nothing else when I'm tired, so sleep is my friend.

4) PORTION CONTROL- I can snack like I'm gonna run out of food. Even if the snacks are healthy, I do need to be cognizant of what I'm eating at all times.

5) CHALLENGE- I'm currently doing the 100 Burpee Challenge (google it!) with a friend. I have a little bet with my husband that I can lose more weight than he can before Vegas (he doesn't need to lose weight at all, but he's sweet...), and I'm going to check in on my blog once a week, at the least.

So, it's Vegas or BUST! My realistic goal is 5 pounds lost in one month. My LOFTY goal is 8-10 pounds in one month. 

Feel free to encourage me, motivate me, push me... I'll take it all!


  1. YOU'RE AMAZING! You can do it- I am sure of it! Baby weight is the worst...I have found it so hard to get that stuff off too. Ugh.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Some people have baby weight that flies off. I'm not one of those people:( Love the support!!!

  2. You go girl! You can do it. I've got 5 weeks 'til Cuba and I'm in the same boat as you. Gotta lose the pounds. I've been hittin' the weights pretty hard since that's the ONLY thing that has ever worked to trim me down and firm me up. It's not exactly a weight loss helper though since muscle weighs more than fat, but damn will I look trim and athletic when I hit the beach next month! (At least, that's the mantra I'm keeping in my head when I get up at 5am and hit the weights for an hour every day.)

    1. Thanks! I find that body weight exercises and moderate weights work well for me too. I need the cardio tho- my body has always responded well to it. I have been considering getting up extra early to workout. It has yet to happen, but at least the thought is there...right?;)

  3. my sister just sent me the pro shots from her July wedding and not pretty... let's just say I felt better than I looked. I wish I didn't love food so much. Good luck momma!

    1. Ugh. Pictures add 10 pounds. Pictures add 10 pounds. Pictures add 10 pounds:) You're welcome:) (and thanks for the support)

  4. You are awesome Sarah, you can do it girl. I'm cheering you on for the next few weeks, well always :). I will be working my butt off once babe is born in January. Can't wait to read more on your results. Go Sarah Go!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! It's not an overwhelming amount, but it's stubborn, and that's the kicker!


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