ROAD TRIP: The Highlights

I love a good road trip. Always have.
Our road trip to Florida from Toronto took us through six States:
Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  I have been to Florida; but the rest of the States we drove through were foreign to me. So here are some of my thoughts and highlights:

  • I am the only one who thinks it's awesome to play "Lose Yourself" by Eminem while driving past 8 Mile in Detroit. Come ON! As if that's not the perfect song!
  • My road trip theme song (Party In The USA!) was vetoed
  • "Call Me Maybe" became the road trip theme song by default because it is on the radio every single moment of the day. And we all know the words. (well, not William, but he would yell and kick his feet when it came on).
  • My husband totally loves One Direction.
  • There is no need for a pillow in the car. It's just annoying and doesn't get used.
  • Pull-ups=awesome for the three year old who couldn't hold it one time.
  • The States really does have a lot of stuff we can't get in Canada. We guzzled Cherry Coke and Sweet Tea, chowed down on Cookie Crisp and Trix, ate so many containers of Chobani yogurt (although I think it is starting to become available in Canada), and stocked our fridge with B&J Fuzzy Navel. I am so jealous that Americans get to enjoy these treats every day.
  • Many restaurants in the States do not carry anything but pop (soda??). My kids don't drink pop- that's my personal choice. However, I cannot tell you how many times we were at a restaurant that served nothing but soda or alcohol, which means that Zach got a taste of the good stuff on one occasion. Hooked much?
  • Apparently, pop at breakfast is perfectly acceptable. This is totally judgey HOWEVER I just cannot see the need to drink a Mountain Dew at 7:00 a.m.
  • I love me a Southern Accent. Z loves them too. I loved hearing people talk to me in Georgia and Kentucky. I loved when they asked if I was "from the North" because of how I talked. I loved that everyone called me sweetie and cooed over my boys. I just don't get that in Toronto.
  • I love me some McDonalds. Good thing too, because we ate more McDs than anything else.
  • People on the beach in Ft. Myers were grossly tanned. Like, SOOOO over the top.
  • I am the whitest human on Earth. So is Zach. We are sooooo white.
  • SPF 60 works.
  • It is HOT in the South. Like HOOOOOOTTTTTT! I was wearing jeans when we stopped in Kentucky and pretty much melted.
  • The "wildlife" in the south (lizards, crabs, etc.) was amazing to my 3 year old. He adored searching for those little creatures.
  • You can buy alcohol everywhere. I forgot that. It's so convenient.
  • The terrain of Tennessee is amazing. The mountains blew my mind.
  • Apparently, TEXAS is not on the way to Florida when driving from Toronto...contrary to what I believed.
  • Downtown Detroit is scary. LEGIT scary.
  • Gas station bathrooms=scary. LEGIT!
  • Crossing the boarder is much faster and easier then I anticipated.
  • Sometimes, my kids sleep.


  1. It looks like "their brother" Marvin was sleeping as well in the pic!

    Great blog Sarah. I can just imagine the "happenings" as you describe them!

  2. ahhh so much to comment on.

    - someone brought Cherry Coke on a camping trip last summer and I fell hard... I think we should petition the gov't or something... it's time for it to be available in Canada.

    - there's cashier at our local Wal-mart who sounds EXACTLY like Ernest... his line is always ridiculously long as he says the most ridiculous things in his Southern twang like, "do you want your moo juice in a bag?"

    - parents who give their kids pop for breakfast allow me to feel better about myself as a parent.

    - I eat McDonald's at least once a month. I stopped after watching "Super Size Me" but those images have been forgotten and I'm back on the nuggets.

    - I wore SPF 60 in Mexico and came back whiter than I left.

    and last but not least...

    - Hey, I just met you,
    And this is crazy,
    But here's my number,
    So call me, maybe?

    ** great post, glad you made it backed without being stabbed or foreclosed on. xo

    1. I LOVE when you comment on my blog. The best!!!!!! You and I could probably rival each other for the lightest skin around!

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