My 'Oprah'

Women of Toronto went insane over the past few days. Oprah was in town for an instalment of her 'Life Class'. Women lined up for hours, some paying hundreds of dollars, just to hear Oprah and her gurus. 

Full disclosure: I'm not a big Oprah fan. I'm not a huge "lightbulb moment" fan. I find a lot of her gurus talk in circles and they annoy me. I don't really buy into the motivational junket as a general rule.

However, I respect the fact millions of women (& men?) are inspired to be bigger and better as a result of Oprah. So I'd like you to introduce you to my 'Oprah'...the woman who has inspired me to go big or go home. To really reach for the goals I have set out for myself and to not settle until I have done everything I can to reach them. To not talk, but to take action.

Thanks Sammie for being my 'Oprah'! I'd stand in line for hours to hear you talk anyday:)


  1. I watched it on TV. I like Oprah and give her props for all she's accomplished. It was crazy seeing women in the audience crying as soon as she came out.

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