Mid-Week Confessions

I found this awesome link-up from Saige Wisdom (love that blog!). My confessions:

  • I was done Christmas shopping weeks ago, but I can't find some of the presents that I bought for the boys (they're hidden...really well...) so I just bought new stuff.
  • I got my husband a huge tv for our bedroom. It's really a present for me as much as him, so that I can enjoy lying in bed and watching The Real Housewives of.... (take your pick, I watch them all...) and he can play his video games and watch shows on History Channel downstairs.
  • I have a degree in History but I actually don't enjoy history that much. I find it kinda boring. I just happened to have the most credits in History when I switched out of Commerce.
  • We will probably stay in for New Years. We have since I was pregnant with Z and as everyone knows that we don't get nearly as many invites as we used to. No one wants to babysit and my kids DO NOT sleep well if we are out at someone else's house, so we order in food, have some wine, and usually fall asleep before midnight. We are wild party animals, I know!
  • I am slightly obsessed with owls recently. I am finding it really hard to not buy everything I see with an owl on it. I do not understand the source of my obsession (perhaps My Cafe Latte?)
  • I had a bowl of "Loads of Butter Tart" ice cream for dinner last night. My son had a fried egg and carrots and pancakes. Don't ask.
  • I was really close to getting into a parking lot fight yesterday. Someone tried to steal my parking spot and wouldn't budge. I actually took off my seat belt and started to open my car door. They drove off. Lucky for them because I am super tired and (obviously) easily annoyed. (but in actual fact I probably wouldn't have done anything because I'm a big chicken) (and I've never been in a parking lot fight before and don't really want to) (because it sounds like the beginning of a CSI where the mom of two young kids ends up dead in a crowded parking lot with no clues, right???)
  • I have entered two short story contests recently. I don't know where it's all come from- all this fiction has been bubbling up inside me. However, I would never expect to win because my writing isn't that artsy writing that always wins contests.
  • I secretly hope to get something frivolous for Christmas...something that I would never buy for myself...but in reality I'll be happy with new pots and pans.


  1. Great confessions! You're very brave! I'm not so sure I could (or should) confess anything at this point in December! Maybe in January!

  2. Great confessions! I love the one about the parking lot fight - too funny. Thanks for linking up! E

  3. Great confessions. I realized I bought too much for the boys and stored some away for birthdays or next year. That is so our New Years Eve too..except this year we're going to the City's New Years Celebration. Should be good times for B. Always up for some cheap entertainment after Christmas.

  4. LOVE THIS! I think we need to organize a husband playdate because Trev is a History Channel buff too and plays video games after the kids are tucked in.. I feel like the mother of a teenager sometimes reminding him of the time and that he has to wake up early in the morning. Too funny. The parking lot challenge made me laugh out loud... you should have majored in writing {or comedy}. Merry Christmas!

  5. I'm a fan of the real housewives too, but they have been getting a little crazy lately!! Parking lot fight, very funny!

  6. One of my friends on FB just posted that she couldn't find some of her xmas presents she bought and hid ages ago...that's funny! I have a degree in Art History, I guess I did it for something to do. My career had nothing to do with it either!

  7. loooooooool- you are beyond awesome lady!

  8. Isn't it funny how excited we get over crazy things now that we are "grown-ups"?? I was so excited about my new vacuum, it was ridiculous. And I am really bad about forgetting where I put presents too! :-)


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