Sunday's Sanity Saving Tip

Don't go to Costco on a Saturday during the long weekend.
You're welcome.

(but do go to Costco when your toddler is driving you nuts because he'll be so enthusiastic about the snacks-that are totally free-and he'll forget to drive you crazy for a few moments) (but you will have to deal with annoying as heck people who are shopping there) (so go at your own risk).

Best part of the day?
W breaks into the biggest smiles whenever he sees or hears Z. It's an immediate reaction to his big brother and I love seeing it!!


  1. Good to know! Alex had a meltdown at Costco last weekend. He was THAT child that could be heard through-out the store :( *groan*

  2. oh I know all about that Tabetha. Grocery store last week. Zach was trying to climb out of the cart and hanging off of it- screaming. I just grabbed him & the baby and left. Ugh.


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