What I'd Like for my Birthday...

Ok, it's my birthday in, like, 14 days. And I'm not saying that anyone who reads this blog should feel obligated to get me any type of birthday gift but if you were so inclined...really, who am I to stop you? So I've compiled a little list to help you out:)

1) Magic Bullet- we make way too many shakes and smoothies around here and I'm tired of using my massive blender.
2) Pyrex- oh my gosh, be quiet. I need it, ok.

3) Dinner where I don't have to wipe a nose, or butt, or hear complaints that there isn't enough cheese, etc...

4) Wine. (you can figure out why!)
5) An iPhone. I think I need to ditch the Blackberry because, as much as I love it, I love the apps on an iPhone so. much. more.

6) A Micheal Kors watch. Pipe dream.
Anything else I should add??


  1. Ruth(aka "Grandma)August 30, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    If I could give you all of the items on your wish list, I would! But....how about a dinner out for you and hubby....I will look after your little boys and "wipe their noses, change their butts" and cater to their every need! It would be my pleasure!! Happy Birthday! xx

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