Sunday's Sanity Saving Tip

It seems like a no-brainer, but entertainment is the biggest money-sucker for most young families. It is also one of the most important things for a mom (especially a mom of two!). For my family, with a 2 year old who is constantly on the move and needing to be entertained, we could easily spend $100 a month in books, games, toys, crafts, etc... All in an attempt to keep Z happy.

Enter the sanity saving tip of the week: the library. Dust off your old library card, folks, because our weekly visit to the library has saved me well over $100 per month and opened my son up to a whole new world!

Each week, Z, W & I go visit our local library branch. We are lucky because our branch is brand new and absolutely beautiful. Z is allowed to pick out 5 books per visit (I give him a little help because, let's be honest, he rummages for a few minutes and then grabs any book that is near his grubby little fingers). He is also allowed to pick out 2 DVDs. This is where the money saving has really started to pay off. He has been really into Bob the Builder recently and if I was to purchase all the DVDs, I would end up spending at least $15 a pop. Multiply that by the 15 Bob the Builder DVDs we've seen at the library and I would have been out a whole whack of cash! He also has been desperate to see Cars. I'm not sure that he'll love it and don't really want to spend the money on the DVD until I I've requested it at the library to make sure it's a movie we really want to purchase.

Our local library also offers toddler story time. For approximately 1/2 hour, toddlers are entertained by one of the best story-tellers I've seen in a long time. Z loves to just sit and watch and listen but he's starting to become a bit more brave and participate. With some songs, stories, and crafts, you can't beat this free entertainment and learning.

Young families need a weekly outing that is both fun and affordable! The library fits the bill for both- fun for mom and kids alike.

Sunday Sanity Saving Tip: the library

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