Back At Work

I'm back. Back at work. Full time, long commutes, a rush to make dinner, bathe, bed, make lunches, pack essentials, finish marking, sleep, start all over again.

Truth? I'm not even sure what I signed up for at this point. I feel right now like I can handle it. It won't be too much because I'm organized and prepared (ahem, I write this as I have 5 boxes full of product sitting beside me, unopened bags of school supplies, an entire catalogue of ABC books dumped onto the floor and animal shaped magnets strewn throughout my bedroom. so, ya, organized...). I think I've done everything I can humanly do to be ready- it's just a matter of it all working out the way I hoped it will.

Going back to work was such a hard decision. But, in the end, it's the right one because I know it will give Z the kind of lifestyle we want him to have. If I was to leave teaching now, I would most likely never work as a teacher again. That's how crazy the job market is and I'm still not done paying students loans, so...
However, nagging in the back of my brain, is the ever present "did I make the right decision, what if?"

Case in point- Z goes to daycare. I think he likes it but he misses me (who wouldn't?). First week was great until Friday (today). He's sick. Bad cold. Luckily I didn't have to be at work today, so it's no biggie in the long run but GAH! C'mon! Sick the first week of daycare??? Could you make me feel more guilty kid?

So Sleeping is for Losers (which it totally was last night!!) is going to become a bit of a journey following me as I return to work and start a new family dynamic. I hope it works- I keeps saying that I'm not against staying home if I find Z can't handle daycare, but am I really?

You'll probably meet some new people on my blog- I'm sure I'll talk about our daycare provider (K), my mentor at school (J), hubs, my students and, of course, me! Bare with me as I figure out what/how to share- tell me what you're thinking, because, just like when Z was born, I'm going to need your help!!


  1. Ruth (aka "Grandma")September 3, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    What a shame that Z gets sick the first week of daycare.
    I'm sure that things will smooth out as time goes along. You have your priorities set...Z first! He's a fortunate boy to have such a wonderful mommy:)

  2. You will absolutely manage the load/transition. AND it is totally normal for wee ones to get sick a lot when they first go to daycare. His immune system will be stronger in no time :)


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