Lysol Healthy Touch Soap Dispenser

Recently, my family had the opportunity to check out the new Lysol Healthy Touch anti-bacterial soap dispenser.
After a few weeks of use, I can tell you that I am absolutely a fan!

We were all a bit skeptical at first. I mean, do we really need an automatic soap dispenser in our kitchen? Are we really that lazy that we can't even pump a few times. However, I never realized how handy and practical "hands-free" can be for a new mom.

The first time I realized how useful this product is was when Z was throwing a sobbing fit in my arms and I needed to get his bottle together. Although I'm not a hand washing freak, I always clean my hands before touching anything that might go in his mouth. With my arms taken up with a crying baby, the "no-touch" automatic feature of this soap dispenser made perfect sense. I was able to get soap on my hands and wash them up without having to put Z down. Let me tell you, that made a WORLD of difference.

Likes: I love the smell of the soap (delicious, cucumbery scent), the ease of use (hands free, hello!), lasting power (we're still on our first bottle after quite a few weeks and hand washes), and the anti-bacterial properties (makes it perfect for the kitchen!).

Dislikes: I had a really hard time getting into the packaging. I suggest you do it while baby is sleeping or someone else is there to look after them. Once you're in, though, it is very easy to put together and use.

Bottom Line: This is a must buy for any busy mom. Now that I'm back to work, my life is even more hectic then it was before. Yes, you don't NEED an automatic soap dispenser, but I firmly believe that anything that makes your life easier and is affordable is worth it. The Lysol Healthy Touch anti-bacterial soap dispenser gets high marks in my books!


  1. We got this to try out, too! And? We all love it! My boys have almost finished the entire thing already! ;)

  2. As a parent of a five-year-old that washes her hands "all by her own" I got one of these. We were tired of playing the poop or chocolate guessing game on the pump of our old dispenser. No touch = less grossness at our sink.


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