Highchair Screamer, Milk Gulper, DON'T FEED ME MOMMY!!!!

Ok, been a while.

So, Z has taken to throwing fits when he can't communicate to me what it is that he wants. All out tantrums at times. High pitched screaming, red face, tears, the whole nine yards. It's frustrating for me and for him, because I realize that he is trying to communicate something to me, but I don't know what it is. More often then not, this happens in his highchair. I assume it is because he is higher in his chair and can see the things on the table, counters, etc...'
Needless to say, I dread our mealtimes because he gets so upset and refuses to eat about half way through. I usually end up coxing him to finish with some yogurt. Hope I'm not starting a trend, but yogurt is good for you, right?

Speaking of eating, someone does NOT like pasta with tofu and carrots and tomato sauce. Someone being Big Z. Two nights ago I made a very bland pasta dish (no spices because I have learned the hard way that he doesn't dig spices). Tofu, carrots, rotini pasta, sauce. I put some on his tray. He screamed so loudly it scared me. I gave him a piece of pasta. He put it on his lips (didn't want to commit) and started all out crying. No mommy. Stop feeding me this crap-tastic food. I ran and got a jar of baby food to appease him.
The next day, I had plenty of leftovers, so I forced his Uncle Adam to eat the bland pasta (he put a lot of salt on it, I felt bad for him...lol). Tried it again with Z thinking, maybe if he sees his Uncle eating it, he'll eat it too. Nope. Nada. Pasta with sauce is out. So is his bottle with formula. He's barely had any of it for the past couple days. But he seems fine with not drinking it so I'm trying not to be a huge stress ball about it. He lets me know when he wants something:)

What he does like is homogenized milk. ADORES it. Except he wants to gulp it, not sip it. Therefore, I have to take the lid off of the sippy cup and hold it as he drinks. He's like that with his water too. He wants to drink it the way we do and gets really upset if given the sippy cup with the sippy part on it. The milk covered his chin and bib, but he didn't care. He stared at me like, "put that cup up to my lips woman! Now!!!" Good thing he's cute because he is so stubborn. Can't you just see us locking horns as he starts to get older??

He has his second tooth...almost. you can actually see the tooth right under the skin, but it hasn't fully come out yet. It's driving him bananas- lots of night wakeups and pain (I assume). I wish it would just pop through already. He's been so clingy and whiny- just not himself. Hopefully that tooth is the root!

I'm making beef stew in the Crockpot tonight. I love stew. Will probably make biscuits to go with it. However, Z was hanging off my leg like an orangutan (I had to spell check and Goggle this one to find the right spelling!) when I was putting it together. Stewing beef, carrots, sweet potato, celery, can of tomatoes, have a thing of beef stock. Salt. Lid. Go.
Well, as Z was hanging off my leg, licking it (hope he didn't cut his tongue on my razor sharp hairy legs), I grabbed what I thought was beef stock, opened it, dumped it in. Then I thought, "Why does this smell like chicken?". Chicken stock. GRRRRR. Too late to pour it out, so I added some beef stalk too- this will be an interesting supper I am sure. Will be giving some to Z tonight, so we'll see how that goes. Any guesses?


  1. why don't you punch bigger holes in the sippy cup? that way it'll flow faster and perhaps that will be to Z's liking?

  2. OK, what's up with these boys? C throws those exact same fits in his high chair too. My guess was gas....the theory changes daily, sometimes hourly....and I'm looking forward to the day he can tell me what's up. :-)

  3. ....btw....doing the chicken dance gets C through his meals. Yup, I do the chicken dance for my boy and hope noone is looking in the front windows!!!


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