Family Day and Olympic FEVER!

I've got a fever. And the only cure is GOLD!!!!

Canada has won their first Gold medal at the Olympic Games.

Congrats Alexandre Bilodeau!!!

I am just so proud& into these games and can't stop myself from watching! Winter Olympics are my absolute favourite- I love pretty much every sport, save Cross-Country Skiing. Take that love of winter sports and the fact that Olympics are in Vancouver, Canada and you've got a recipe for an amazing two weeks. For the record, because I've been asked numerous times, I do not live even remotely close to Vancouver, British Columbia. It would be at least a 5 hour PLANE RIDE for me to get case you were curious:)

Anyway, today is Family Day which means nothing but Starbucks is open. Boo. We'll have to do something "family" like a walk if the weather holds out. I'm kinda hoping for a bit of nice snow- really hasn't felt much like winter without the white stuff. However, when I say a bit, I mean A BIT! Sprinkling, dusting, enough for a snowball or a midget snowman. Nothing more.

Blogger is underlining all my words. Because they are important, I assume. Makes me feel important;)

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  1. i loved watching the figure skating last night, but sometimes, the pressure gets to me. when someone falls, i feel the weight on their shoulders, the hours/months/years of practice adn the intense disappointment. sometimes, it's all too much to bear.


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