Attack of the Cold:(

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Now, onto the important news:)
Big Z has a cold. Poor little monster. No idea where he got it from- we're not sick and none of his "friends" are sick. Poor boo.

He had a few really rough nights before the the cold actually appeared. I thought pretty much nothing of it because, let's face it, he's not the best sleeper to begin with. Waking up a few times a night is not a huge anomaly in my world. But then he got whiny. And tired after just an hour or less of playing. And didn't want his bottle. Poor little boo-boo got a runny nose and then a cough and I'm pretty sure he had a wicked headache. The trifecta of colds.

Anyway, I think we're on day 3 (maybe day 4) of the cold. It was really bad for the first couple of days- hacking cough, so stuffed up, tears over everything. But he seems to be getting better- the snot is draining from him nose at a rapid rate and his cough is looser and seems less painful. I did have him checked out by the doctor and she said to watch out for an ear infection, but nothing has given me a sign of that yet.

All that being said, we have had some pretty crazy sleep patterns. Suddenly, my little sicko is sleeping through the night (he needs the sleep, so I'm very happy!), taking the most random naps (this morning he went down at 7:30am for his first nap) and eating whenever he darn well pleases. No rhyme or reason. So we've been staying inside- much to my chagrin- and hanging out.

But has he lost much energy?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is he wanting to sit on mommy's lap and watch TV? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where in the world does this energy come from? WHERE?


  1. hey! I have a cold and andrew's nose started to run today and had a horrible sleep. Me thinks one of us was in an incubation-highly contageous period on friday.

  2. Colds are always so horrible for the mothers. Especially when you feel like your just waiting for it to turn into an infection.

    Hope he's feeling better soon and just learns from this that sleeping is awesome!

  3. Total bummer. Hope the little man is feeling better. At least the weather has been rotten so you aren't missing anything by being indoors.

  4. Hope he feels better soon!! Even when they're sick they don't stop for a second!! And they don't care if mommy needs a nap.

  5. Having a sick child at your feet is never fun! Both of my kids were sick with the tummy flu within days of each other. I performed an exorcism and all seems right now ;)

    BTW, cute blog. I am a first time visitor and enjoyed.


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