Day 4 and 5 SUCCESS

No tears- not whining- no bouncy trampoline. No night wakings. Just sleep. Beautiful sleep.

Lest one thinks I am getting too excited...I am not anticipating this being my every night, but two nights in a row without tears is so amazing. Two nights in a row without having to wake up to feed is amazing!

So, in short, letting him "learn how to fall asleep" (as Roslyn pointed out before, I'm not really letting him cry it out, which I kinda knew) was a good idea. It killed me to hear him cry so much but if it taught him to go to sleep easily, then it was worth it. Not just for me, but for him too! He's so much better when he's had a good night's sleep.

New things:
1) we cruise the furniture...which makes me laugh because it's this bizarre shuffle- usually associated with trying to grab the cat who has strategically placed himself at the other end of the couch
2) crying and pointing to try to eat some of mommy's food. He tried French Toast yesterday and was so happy !!!! However, he's inhaling jars of food, so maybe so more finger food is better?
3) peach coloured vomit on my beige carpet, thanks to a nice air bubble! Sweet!
4) new favourite drink = Tall skim vanilla latte with a shot of carmel! SO GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who was commenting and supporting my "learn how to sleep please Z!"- I'm sure it's not done, but it's better and that's an awesome thing! Also, a dad at church guessed that Z was 4 or 6 months old. LOL! His wife rolled her eyes, mostly because Z was crawling and standing up when he asked. Men...


  1. So glad to hear he's sleeping!! That's great news. And French Toast - wow - sounds like he's ready to move on from jars to the good stuff :-) ....and we'll be replacing our beige no wait it's orange/yellow/brown spotted carpet once our guy stops decorating :-)

  2. 1) I assume the latte if YOUR new favourite drink?

    2) at least the man at church didn't say, "Is SHE 4 or 6 months?"

  3. So glad he's sleeping well. You'll both feel a lot better. Love to you both.

  4. I completely agree that what you did was for the best. You were not being a cruel mommy, but an exceptional mommy to teach Z how to grow and sleep (so so important). So glad it is working well right now!!!

    Love all the milestones he is reaching!


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