Zach hearts Aunty Lizzy.

We had a busy, but great weekend!

My sister was here on Friday- Zach simply adores his aunty Lizzy!  It was so nice for me to get to have a real human being with me all know, one that speaks to me in a language I can understand, one whose diaper I don't have to change, one who is mature enough not to blow raspberries full of sweet potato all over me (ok, that last one is a lie.  She totally would do that).

I picked up Lizzy from her house Friday morning and took her and Zach over to my Grandma's house.  GG (Great-grandma) gets her hair done every Friday morning.  So cute!  She looks so pretty after it's all set and done up.  While she was getting her hair done, we shopped at Winners- I bought Zach a tool bench with "tools" for Christmas, DON'T TELL HIM!- and grabbed some much needed nail polish at the drugstore.
Zach played at GG's house for a while, until he got sleepy.  We threw him into his carseat and headed down to Chris' work to show him off.

If you remember, Zach has been around for SIX MONTHS. Chris has been asking me to bring him into the office for at least the past 4 months.  But it's a pretty hefty drive from our house, and a lot of work.  Having Lizzy's extra hands made a huge difference.
Of course, Zach was a hit.  Do I even need to mention that?  He stared everyone down (no smiles- work is serious business) and had quite a fun time with one of Chris' co-workers necklaces...I'm sure he's still dreaming of that chunky, shiny necklace!

I finally dragged Lizzy and Zach home and we played, fed him, bathed him, and played some more.
I left Zach and Liz for about 1/2 an hour to run to the store.  In that time he mananged to throw up on her and have a massive, stinky poop.  That's my boy!! Saving it all for his aunty...who will probably never wants kids now after cleaning up all that grossness:)

It was just a really nice day.  I think it's so important for Zach to really know his aunts and uncles- they will be a huge part of his life as he grows up- so I'm glad he got to spend so much time with his Aunty Lizzy!


  1. hahah I am rocking the pony in that pic! Zach is the best thing you have ever done :)xoxo

  2. Isabel (aka "Nanny")

    Sounds like you guys had a great day together. Zach probably had a lot more fun than if Nanny had stayed with him at home. Hoping to see you this week.

  3. Sing a little "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and he'll have a good time! He laughs a ton when you sing that song. He's such a little monkey!


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