What's a mom to do?

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Well, we went for Zach's 6 month check-up on Monday. He got his needles and was SUCH a brave boy! I was so proud of him- he barely cried at all and was playing around and smiling within 5 minutes. He's getting so big.

When he was weighed, he was only 16 pounds. I thought that was interesting, because I assumed he would weigh more then that. The doctor wants him to gain more weight because he has dropped below the 50th percentile. Mind you, he was weighed early in the morning- all of his other appointments have been in the afternoon after he's eaten a lot more! Once again, he was in the 90th percentile for height!

Here's the thing- he has always hovered right around the 50th percentile of weight. I HATE IT! I want him to get thicker and have more rolls. But what am I supposed to do? He eats like a truck driver. Zachary averages 30 oz of formula a day (some days less, some days more), 4 tbsp of cereal in the morning with 4-6 tbsp of fruit, and 2 tbsp of cereal in the evening with 4-6 tbsp of veggies (and this has started to climb). It seems to me that he is ALWAYS eating, yet he never seems to gain much weight. Just about a pound a month.

So, I once again left his doctor's appointment with anxiety that I'm not feeding him enough, or his body isn't absorbing nutrients properly, or I'm creating a child who will never want to eat because I'm sticking too much food into him or not sticking enough...sigh...add constipation to the mix (due to all the stinking food he's eating!!!), and it's just about enough to make me lose my mind.

The only thing that has given me peace is that my child is Active with a capital "A". He probably burns off calories faster then he can take them in. He is never still. Even when he sleeps. He is always moving!!

So, I'm going to spend the next few months making sure that Zachary eats as much as he wants. The doctor doesn't want to see us again until he is 9 months, I am sure if she was worried about his weight she'd want to see us much sooner. In the meantime, I'll just keep copying my "mommy guru", A, and feeding my son as much as he will take.

They all even out in the end, right?? RIGHT???

PS- we had prunes for breakfast to help out with the "constipation". He's been grunting and crying for the past few days, so I'm hoping these help him out a bit!


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")November 4, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    Zach is not undernourished. He looks and acts healthy...lots of energy!
    Sure wish I had some of his energy!

    Don't worry, you are a wonderful mother!
    It will even out in the end.

  2. Keep in mind that 50th percentile just means average. That means he is larger than 50% of other babies his age! It sounds like he is eating fine. I have one child who has always been at 25% for weight and refusing to eat, now THAT will make you worry! I know it is hard, especially with a first born, but try not to worry. It sounds like youa re doing a great job!

  3. My son always was in the or below the 10th percentile. He is long and lean just like his parents....genetics! I'm a big fan. Don't worry about the weight. Babies get what they need. My son is a healthy and active 4-year-old now and we always have to buy slims. He's like a 3T for the waist and a 6T for height.

  4. Thanks for the advice/support!!! It's hard when it's your first and you're sure you are going to mess it up somehow...lol!
    I know he's healthy and he's active and never seems "hungry", I think he's just that kind of kid!


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