Snowsuit in October!

Well, I pulled out the snowsuit! IT'S OCTOBER PEOPLE!!! I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD NEED THIS FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER MONTH! But, it was 1 degree when we were leaving the house to go swimming and I wasn't sure what to do. It definitely isn't hoodie and some sweatpants weather anymore. So, I mustered my courage and pulled out my little boy's snowsuit that he got from his Grandma. It's light blue with a really soft, plush lining and built in booties and mitts. I thought he was going to HATE me for putting that thing on him, but not so much. He didn't like when I pulled his arms through, but other then that I think he found it very cosy and warm on his little body.

Getting him into the car seat was another challenge. I think we're about done with the removable car seat- he's too heavy for me to carry him in it and the straps are almost at their capacity, so I guess we'll be buying a big boy car seat for him pretty soon...sigh! We did it though, and still managed to make it to swimming right on time.

On the way home, he fell asleep, so I snapped a quick picture for you all to see how cute he looks in his snowsuit. He's always so zonked after swimming (and after STILL NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT...but that's another story!).


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")October 16, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Ahhh....Zach is so cute in his snowsuit!
    He looks cozy & warm. It also looks like the snowsuit is about the right size.

  2. Isabel Newcomb (aka "Nanny")October 16, 2009 at 6:00 PM

    Awww, he looks so cute in his little snowsuit. Good choice Grandma. You didn't buy a brown one. :) Chris will be happy about that.


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