Mommy groups and Nanny

Today Zach and I were at our Mom group. I never thought I would join a mom group. Well, I did...and I really, really like it! The girls there are super nice and we've been meeting since the middle of August, so we've really gotten to know each other and see our babies learn new skills and develop their own little personalities. I think one of the babies today taught Zach to squeal when he's trying to "talk". He squealed at me for at least an hour this evening when we were playing in my room. Little goof!

I really love that we have started meeting at each other's houses. We used to meet in the basement of a church with only a few old couches and a questionable rug there. Now, we get to let our little ones discover new toys, roll over eachother, and share drool. It's fun to be able to sit on the floor with Zach and the other babies and watch them playing. I can't wait until they interact and actually notice! Zach took a header as he was reaching for a toy. He is great at sitting, but he hates doing it. I have to make sure he is really focused on the toy he is playing with, otherwise he ends up belly flopping or banging his head off the floor. I truely believe that God made babies with extra strength skulls. At least 4 of them banged their head this morning!

We rushed home from baby group because Zach's Nanny (Chris' mom) was coming over. She is wonderful and let's me go grocery shopping or run my errands baby-free. It's amazing how much more you get done when you don't have a baby screaming at you!

I told someone that I had to leave because Zach's Nanny was coming over. They went into a huge speel about how much they wish they could have a nanny, and asked if I was interested in splitting the cost of my nanny with her, etc... I hated to break the news to her that it was indeed my husband's mother who we call "Nanny", and that she came free but only for Zachary. I could read the disappointment in her eyes;)

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