New Day, New Skills...

Well, this morning my beautiful friend Gloria came over to hang out with Zach and I. She has been in Shanghai designing her fashion/handbag line for the past 6 weeks and is going back on Monday for another 2 months. I miss her a ton when she's gone. And Zachary just ADORED her. All he did was stare at her and smile- he also tried to chat with her for a few minutes...wonder what he wanted to say?

Anyway, today Zachary has learned (and will now work tirelessly on mastering) two new skills:

1) Throwing his pacifier against the wall when he wants me to come and pick him out of the crib. This is currently his favourite thing to do. He barely cries when he wakes up (only when he goes to, but he doesn't think I make it into his room fast enough, so he throws his paci against the wall in hopes that I will be in the next room and hear it. I find it quite cute, but I'm sure that I'll be irritated by it soon enough!

2) Crawling. He is about 90% up on his hands and knees and crawling backwards. He is only 5 months old. He is not supposed to be doing this. He's actually getting quite good at going backwards, although it does make him mad because it takes him further away from the toy that he is trying to reach. It also exhausts him so he can only do it for a few minutes before getting quite cranky.
Zach has been working on crawling for quite a few days but this morning he got all the way up in his hands and knees and crawled a few steps backwards. He also sat on his own for about 10 minutes this morning before he got irritated with his toy, flung it across the room, and flopped over.
I'm hoping and praying that this morning was a fluke and he is not going to be crawling so soon...where has my little baby gone????

PS- he was up EVERY HOUR last night. I was sure I felt a sharp little tooth poking out of the top of him gums, but this morning it wasn't there...disappearing tooth???


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")October 8, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    Zach is really ahead of the game!
    I look forward to watching him master his new skills!

    If I recall correctly, your(Sarah) first tooth appeared just after 6 months.

  2. ITS TEETH! Enjoy this time of it not quite poking through while you can... Colt is 5.5 months and his has made its grand appearance!
    They grow up too fast dont they :*(


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