We had our first swimming lesson today. I don't know what babies are supposed to be able to do after all the lessons are done, but it sure was fun!
We sang some songs, splashed, kicked and dunked. I wasn't paying attention and ended up dunking Zach more then the instructor said to...oh well, he didn't seem to be too bothered by it. However, I probably should attempt to pay better attention to my poor baby:) The worst part of it, for me, was wearing a bathing suit!! The HORROR!

Since Chris was home, he was able to take some pictures of Zach at his fist lesson. I think he had a good time (Zach, that is). He was pretty quiet and just watched what was going on, but he never cried or whined or fussed...which I was absolutely expecting from him. I hope he really grows to love the water like I do!

Happy that it's Friday but sad that Chris will be back at work on Monday. It has been really nice having him around to hang out with Zach and I!


  1. First swimming lesson, how exciting! Found you from MBC. I will follow your blog if you follow mine as well. :)

  2. Done:) I'm your follower...lol

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. Awww, what a great picture. I remember those days. I loved that age.

    Just popped over from MBC ... What a nice blog. Good for you on a job well done.

    I'm following you now,


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