I am slowly going crazy...

This week is so busy!

Today we had coffee with our new friends, Lori and Cole (he's 4 days younger then Zach). They're such cuties- they had a whining contest, which I loved hearing:). We also had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on their way home. Zach showed off his screeching. It was awesome.

Tuesday we are going to look at some daycares. SOB! I hate the idea of putting Zach in a daycare when I go back to work in April, but, knowing him, he'll love it more then being at home. He already loves staring at other people and listening to their conversations. When we were in Parry Sound, visiting my mom and dad, Zach attached himself to another baby and kept trying to pull him closer. At our mom and baby group, he held hands with another baby. I don't think it was on purpose, but we'll pretend he meant to!

Wednesday we have Story Time at the library. I love it. It's short (1/2 hour), fun, active, and easy for me! I had to stand in line to secure us a spot in story time, but I'd be willing to do it again, as it is so fun to sing and jump and play with Zachers.

Thursday is our last Mom and Baby group. I didn't think I would like going, but I really have. It's run through the health dept. in Durham Region, so there are two nurses that moderate the group. All of the women are professionals, on mat leave, and have so many different opinions and ideas about raising children. Really makes you feel like you're not going to ruin your child for life just because you let them hang out in the jumperoo while you're making dinner.

Friday is our first swimming lesson. ICK on the bathing suit for me! Yeah on the exercise (hopefully???) and swimtrunks for Zach. He's so cute in them. Hopefully he loves the water- although I am fully prepared for him to despise every minute of it. He recently kicked so much water up in the bath that he soaked me, his towel, and the floor. Here's hoping he does that when we're at the pool.

I generally don't like to schedule so much in one week because I find it overwhelming for Zach, but it just happened that a lot of activities overlapped this week...hopefully I make it through in one piece!

PS- New season of "How I Met Your Mother" and "Big Bang Theory" tonight!! I'm so excitied!


  1. I just found myself going back to the beginning of your blog because I had to read all of your posts - and find out more about your cutie, Zach. It sounds like the two of you keep busy and he's a fun little guy... I'm looking forward to reading more!

    Following you from MBC...

  2. Hello, you have a very nice blog!
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  3. Slowly going crazy seems better than just instantly going crazy though. It gives you more time to experience the ride :D

    Hopped over from MBC to follow you.


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