Give your kid a camera, see what kind of magic can happen...

My sons got a VTech Kiddie Zoom Action Cam from my sister for Christmas.  

It's pretty cool and perfect for their ages (6 & 4 years) because they can finally do what they are always begging to do: take pictures and video on their own! 

I will admit to being a bit of an annoying "wait I need to get my phone so I can take a picture" mom (in my defence, it's often for my blog or Instagram so...). It's probably why my kids want to capture their own lives and experiences so often. And now they can.

And parents, let me tell you, it is so amazing to see things through your child's perspective. 

We went on a walk through a local conservation area, with the kids sharing the camera. They captured things in a way and at a level that I just wouldn't think of. We've walked this particular path over and over again and yet it seems that they saw something different this time. They were engaged in looking for the perfect picture (whatever that was in their mind) and intrigued with capturing moments that I usually capture. 

The photos were mostly blurry (you try telling a 4 year old to hold a tiny camera still) but they were also spectacular. Take a peek:


  1. Wow! Great pictures Z and W!! You are budding photographers!

  2. Great info on Lynde Shores Conservation Area it's a perfect place to see tons of wildlife year road. It's truly a hidden gem in Durham Region.


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