The hashtag post (#hashtagpost)

We had such a full, busy weekend. The best kind of busy, really, because we just did so many things that we wanted to do!

The boys, my sister and I went to Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto (#amazing).
They played soccer and practiced karate (we are going to have a ginger ninja on our hands, I swear. #ginja).
One kid went to a fun birthday party where he bobbed for apples and got drenched (it was his favourite part of the party and he talked about it for about 20 minutes after I took him home. Who would have thought such a classic party game would prove to be so much fun!?).
The other kid joined me at a #shomi party where he watched Sonic the Hedgehog on a tablet and filled a bag with candy and ate it all (and then found out what happens when you eat ALL the candy #bellyache).

We finished the weekend by putting up our Christmas tree.

Let's be real about our tree: It's fake, we have had it for almost 10 years, and it really is getting unattractive... but we just love it!

Our yearly tree decorating theme (because I'm too cheap to purchase new ornaments each year) is red and silver with white lights and a few sparkly white snowballs and snowflakes for good measure. The boys love to decorate the tree, I love to decorate our tree, and my husband tolerates it all. He tolerates the 'NSYNC Christmas music I put on, he tolerates the lack of symmetry when the kids decorate, and he tolerates my yearly tradition of time-lapsing our tree decorating.

This year, I discovered (thanks to my time-lapse video) that my favourite owl sweater (I bought if off #Etsy about 6 years ago) actually looks AWFUL on me and adds a good 10 pounds to my midsection (which is exactly the section that I don't need help with #thankyouverymuch). So this may also be the last year I wear my favourite (now not so favourite) owl sweater.
I also learned that my new phone will turn off a video randomly so you're only getting 3/4 of our tree decorating adventures, but you get the idea!

Regardless, it was a great weekend. We had a lot of happy memories and moments. The best kind of #weekend.

And if you're interested, check out how we did in 2014 as well! I look a lot better!

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  1. I couldn't hear the NSYNC Christmas music! ;) What a great way to top off a great weekend by trimming the Christmas tree! You all look great (the owl sweater looks fine) :)


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