I Turned 35

It feels very wrong to put it out there, but I turned 35 this month.

For some reason, turning 35 years old has been hard. 

Maybe it's because 35 feels old to me- I mean (don't slap me) but it's only 5 more years until I am 40. 

Maybe it's because both of my kids are in school now and I am suffering from a bit of baby envy (despite the fact I have no desire to have another baby, especially at 35!).

Maybe it's because I have spent the last few years working in a young person's world that made me feel like I was way younger than I am. 

Maybe it's because 35 makes me feel like I need to stop shopping at Garage and Dynamite and start spending my money at Laura and Tristan (on sweaters and pleated slacks, of course). 

Whatever the reason, the turning of 35 has been hard.

Only made easier by a phenomenal cake creation care of Cocoa Lane Sweeterie, the massive hugs of my two favourite boys who love me no matter what, and the realization that I have to suck it the hell up because- whether I like it or not- I'm 35, and all the pouting and hiding in the world won't change that.

Here's to a fantastic, life changing year!

1 comment:

  1. Sarah, 35 is just a number and you rock 35 like no one I know. Good to see you last night and, yes, the cake was amazing. xo


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