Mason Jar Monday

Today was my first day ALONE this summer!

My kids began their one week of day camp. Why one week you ask?  Well, it turns out that one week of day camp for two kids costs approximately half a mortgage payment. Read that again and then weep for me. Read it another time and weep again. So. Much. Money.

Anyway, because the kids are away, I decided to indulge in the one thing I love to do that I just don't have the time to- cooking. I didn't really learn to cook until I was in my 20s, but I find it to be the most therapeutic activity I could undertake- and Lord knows I need some down time in my life right about now. To be fair, I cook every day in order to feed my family but I would say that a lot of what I do in the kitchen is out of necessity and not for pleasure. So I took today to finally try out some recipes that I have been obsessing over on my Pinterest page- and they all involve mason jars!

Hence, #MasonJarMonday

Mason Jar Greek Feta Salad

This salad was a concoction of a bunch of ingredients in my fridge and is the thing I'm most excited to eat (tomorrow at work, if I can wait until lunchtime).

What to do:
I assembled the following ingredients in a mason jar, exactly in this order! (Warning...the measurements are very specific;)

1 tbsp Greek Feta Salad Dressing

2 huge scoops cooked quinoa (about 1/4 cup)

2/3 cup Corn, Avocado, and Tomato Salad (if you don't have an already assembled salad, simply layer fresh corn, avocado and tomatoes with a squirt of lime juice)

Handful fresh feta cheese, cut into bite sized pieces

Mixed greens (smush in as much as you can in the top of the jar)

How to eat:
Place the lid tightly on your mason jar and place the jar in the fridge.
When you're ready to eat, dump the entire mason jar into a bowl and go at it. The quinoa will be well seasoned by the dressing, the lettuce will continue to be crisp, and the feta will be perfection.

Ever made a mason jar salad before? If so, give me your favourite concoction! I'm always looking for new mason jar combos!

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