So You Need Some "Me Time"

A year ago I met a mom in my neighbourhood who was living the life I (secretly) dream about. Once a week she dropped her FOUR kids (that she home schooled) off with her mom and spent 4-6 hours just on her. She didn't grocery shop or run errands for the family. She didn't even turn on her cell phone. She dedicated that time to her and her alone- getting her hair done, nails, having uninterrupted coffee, a nap, a massage- whatever she needed to recharge and feel like she could be a good mom again.

I envied that mom then. 

I still do now. Because "me time"- that selfish time where you only think about yourself and what may make you happy, relaxed and whole- is something I just never get around to on a regular basis. It's probably because my time is so saturated, my kids are still so young, and I feel the (unrelenting) need to prove how busy I am.

As females (especially as moms!) we spend a lot of time "out busy-ing" each other, don't we?

I get up at 5:30 a.m., I hit the ground running- working until my kids wake up, getting them ready for what the day holds, driving my oldest son to JK, keeping my youngest son occupied (in, of course, the most "educational" way possible), making meals that no one likes (ever!), cleaning up after what - I swear- is a million dirty gnomes that live in my home, wiping noses and bums, making beds, vacuuming, meeting deadlines, breaking up fights, pitching new stories, looking presentable enough to meeting prospective clients or even (occasionally) appear on TV, reading stories, doing "homework", tucking in, and soothing during the inevitable nighttime wake-up.

Are you nodding your head? Probably!

Your day may play out differently than mine, but we are all busy. Our lives are ruled by the clock and that little thing called "me time" is often no more than a pipe-dream.

Whether you're a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a co-worker. Whether you work at home, part-time, at your dream job, or 60 hours a week at something you wish you could love more. No matter where you are in life- you deserve "me time".

I'm learning that- slowly but surely.

Someone will always be busier than you. Someone will always make your existence look not full enough and, honestly boring ("um, when do you have TIME to watch TV? I'm always so busy writing my book/baking cookies/teaching my children advanced algebra/volunteering on eighteen boards"- you get the picture.).

So I'm challenging you to some "me time"- and I'm taking up the challenge too.

My first "me time" stop- using my WaySpa gift card.

What I love about WaySpa gift cards, and what you will too I am sure, is that they can be used at over 2,000 spas across Canada.

We'll just imagine this is what I looked like while being pampered.
I'm sure I was drooling a whole lot more- and maybe snoring a bit?

I used mine at Lavish Salon & Spa to get the most indulgent, amazing 60 minute massage (best one I have ever had!). Just me, delicious oils, tranquil music, and a massage- it was 60 minutes of head to toe bliss. My WaySpa gift card paid for my entire massage (minus the tip), I booked my treatment online in my pjs (same day service for the win!) and I didn't even feel a smidgen guilty.

That's the beauty of a gift card, right? You have to use it- you're forced to pamper!

 Maybe you will give a WaySpa gift card to a woman in your life who is in need of a gentle nudge to get a bit of "me time" during her-busy life. Maybe you'll receive one and use it for a massage (like me!!), a pedicure, a manicure, an indulgent facial or a body scrub to make you sparkle.

Whether received or given, there is no better gift than some time to yourself- "me time" if you will- and truly no better way to spend that "me time" than indulging in yourself.


  1. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience at Lavish. We always love to hear great feedback from our guests.

    Every month we have a draw for guests who leave us comments via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) You have been entered to win a $50 Lavish gift certificate.

    See you next time.
    Lavish Salon & Spa

  2. I find that after a little me time. I'm a better mom for it and it makes me appreciate what I have that much more. I honestly think (as selfish as this sounds) having me time benefits everyone in the family and it should be a top priority to have a successful home life.


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