Eating Raw(ish)- Day 5 of 5

YEAH! I did it!!!

Five days, no cheats- pure raw vegan diet.

If you have been following along (catch up here, here, here and here),  I began a 5 day experiment with eating raw vegan in an effort to get back control over my eating habits (which were horrendous) and, even more, just to see if I could do it:)

Well, I did.

There were moments it wasn't easy. Not because I had big cravings (I didn't) but I didn't always have time to go into the kitchen and make a huge salad or chop up a honeydew melon. It sounds silly, but it's true.

So what did I learn?

1) I don't love meat and not eating it isn't a big deal;
2) I didn't miss starchy carbs;
3) I found time to make food when it really mattered. I am busy, yes, but I'm not so busy that I need to put everything else in my life above my health;
4) I miss working out (ya, that's out of left field but I do miss working out);
5) It wasn't that costly - in total I spent $60 in food over the five days…so $12 a day.

I'll be maintaining my raw vegan diet for another day (I have a lot of fruit and veg that has to be eaten before it goes bad) and then I'll be mindfully maintaining a vegan diet (not necessarily raw, however).

My eats…

One sliced pear
A handful of grapes

Handful of raw walnuts
Pineapple chunks

Huge salad- half head of romaine lettuce, chopped carrots, one avocado, lemon juice, a sprinkle of sea
A few more pineapple chunks

Handful of raw cashews
A few baby carrots

Homemade Larabar (yes, not the BEST choice but it was tasty!)

Vegan peanut butter balls (raw peanuts & almonds buzzed together with dates)- THESE ARE GREAT!



  1. that a "Huskies" sweatshirt??? ;)

  2. I am very impressed by what you did is just so out of the realm of possibility for me! While I can usually take or leave meat (other than prime rib, my fave restaurant meal) I just know I would miss the starchy carbs terribly! I guess if I forced myself to actually start eating a normal diet including fruits and vegetables it might be a bit better...
    Congratulations on sticking to it, and good luck with continuing the vegan diet!


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