Happy Planet Giveaway!

Things I love, in no particular order:

1. Coffee that is already prepared and poured for me when I stumble, bedheaded, into the kitchen at 6:00 a.m.

2. My 4 year old's obsession with homework and desire to work on his "homework" every waking hour.

3. Wearing my hair as it is naturally: curly (this only works in the winter but, boy, does it save time).

4. Feel good food.

5. Working from home.

I rarely work with brands on this site, but some I can't resist…

Some embody the values I hold dear, some have great prices and products that I use on the regular, some just seem to fit.  Happy Planet is one of those brands.

I purchase Happy Planet soups whenever I hit up our local grocery store. I can tell you that they are delicious, they are easy, and they make me feel good. {You know, feel good food. One of those things that I love}.

Happy Planet is a Canadian company committed to creating all-natural juices & smoothies & (my fav) all-nautural and organic soups. Their Potato Leek Soup and Thai Coconut Soup are unbelievable!! {and, yes, I have been purchasing them all on my own - no freebies}. Everything tastes fresh, everything I have tried from them has been delicious, and their commitment to giving back is kind of the icing on the already delicious empire they are building.

So, take a minute to check out their site, because Happy Planet is giving away $60 of product vouchers (available for redemption in stores).

Contest Details:

Happy Planet is giving $60 of product vouchers (available for redemption in stores) to ONE lucky Sleeping Is For Losers reader. Contest closes NOVEMBER 5, 2013 at midnight. Canada only.

Winner will be chosen using random.org.

How To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me what Happy Planet product(s) you would stock up on if you were chosen as the winner! {dare to dream}.

Extra Entry:

Tweet out the following for an additional entry:

WIN $60 worth of @TeamHappyPlanet product vouchers from Sleeping Is For Losers (@sarahnewk): http://tinyurl.com/lusg7vv

Good Luck!

PS- Happy Planet is sending one of my readers, Kathy, to the National Women's Show in Toronto this weekend! How awesome are they?


  1. Tuscan Tomato Soup and Louisiana Sweetcorn and Red Pepper sound AMAZING! Might have to go and find these, I'm such a sucker for gourmet like soups! And the lemonade would be good with gin :)

  2. Tuscan Tomato Soup - I may or may not have had it for the last two nights ;) Love their products and love that it's available at Costco!

  3. I would stock up on the Smoothies! The Coconut & Pineapple Smoothie sounds good.

  4. Lemonade and locally inspired soups.

  5. i would stock up on globally inspired soups such as thai coconut, and indian split pea

  6. We love love love Happy Planet so would stock up on everything! Soups, smoothies, juices and lemondade! <3

  7. Stock up lots of juice

  8. Smoothies, juice and soups, oh my! I have never disliked a Happy Planet product <3

  9. I'd love to try the soups, especially the Thai Coconut one. I usually make homemade, but for some of the world varieties the ingredients can be hard to find.

  10. If I won, I'd stock up on Fraser Valley Mushroom & mascarpone soup
    with a pinch of thyme.
    My name is Cathy.
    Reach me at elixer2@hotmail.com if I win.

  11. I will choose the whole globally inspired fresh soup colection!

  12. SOUP!!!!! We're Happy Planet Fans- Thai Coconut...love! Chris

  13. Dairy products & fruits. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! . It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the card to eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.

  14. The energy shots. I am on anti depressants that often make me very drowsy, and its hard to get into the flow of the day. The energy shots have made my life liveable, one shot ampnd I feel a natural burst of energy with absolutely no crash.

  15. I love a good smoothie so I'd try those out for sure!

  16. I am such a sucker for butternut squash soup. But also for Moroccan spice-y soups. And also split pea soup. So, I guess I'd stock up on soup, soup and more soup!

  17. Tuscan Tomato and Coconut Thai


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