2012 Resolutions: How Did I Do?

In 2012, I resolved to make 2012 the year I GO FOR IT.

So, how did I do?

  1. I will be present and active with my kids- I think I'm doing better at this one. I am a work at home mom...who happens to have her kids at home with her every day (with the exception of preschool/babysitter 3 mornings a week). The balance is HARD...but I'm trying to work it out. A constant work in progress, I think.
  2. I will run a 5K- I did it. Well, I did it on my treadmill in the basement:) I ran a 5K in 37 minutes, which is brutal I'm sure. But I DID IT! I am still not sure if I will run a real 5K but I'm happy that I forced myself to actually train and complete a long run. The effort it took this non-athletic girl to run a 5K should not go unnoticed:)
  3. I will write and submit my writing- Done! I write short stories. I submitted two stories in 2012 for publication. One was published in an anthology (WHOOP!). The other is being "considered" by a major literary magazine. 
  4. I will learn to forgive- Work in progress. I am still cold toward those I feel have truly wronged me. I still have trouble acting in a loving manner toward those who have (in my opinion) hurt me. 
  5. I will put myself out there- I think I have done decently on this one. I showed pictures of my weight loss (chunky Sarah, out there for all to see!). I quit my stable teaching job and started a whole new career as an Editor. I submitted my writing (which I rarely show to others). There were times I hung back when I should have put myself out there. There are times I got too nervous and didn't say what I truly wanted to say. But overall, I forced myself to be vulnerable and real and it often payed off in spades.

I had a great 2012. My sons are the joy of my life and are growing into beautiful kids- inside and out. I dedicated time to myself and feel healthier than I have in years. I have looked for the good when I normally would wallow in the bad. I realized a dream of being a published writer (over and over and over). I have written on my blog when it mattered to me...and produced some posts that really truly resonated with strangers the world over.

So, cheers to 2013. The year when I will MAKE IT HAPPEN.


  1. Hands down...your amazing at what you do and always a great encouragement!

    I love Sleeping is For Losers SINCERELY.

    I appreciate you continually putting yourself out there...you touch many!

    Thank You Sarah!

    Looking forward to your published works for sure. :)

    1. I always, always appreciate you- my childhood friend. You are so important to me!

  2. eeek this is inspiring. I don't even want to look back on my 2012 resolutions because I know I failed, miserably. You're a better Sarah (h or no h) than I'll ever be. congrats on being awesome. xo

    1. YOU are inspiring to me, Sara. Sheesh!!! I resolved, so long ago, to only set goals that I think I truly WANT to attain. I might have to work hard for them but it makes it so much more worth it than jotting down a few things and forgetting about them 2 days later.

  3. Way to go! Here's to an even more successful 2013! :)

    1. Thanks!!! You as well, my friend! Can't wait to see where your blog goes this year!!!


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