The Artist

Listen, I don't want to brag I totally want to brag. Because my barely three year old drew THIS:

All by himself.

And AS IF this isn't the most amazing multi-legged alien with three belly buttons and a severe case of uneven appendages that you have ever seen.

Tell me it isn't.


  1. Wow...well done Zachary! It looks like he has inherited his father's artistic streak!

  2. Love! Of course, I would since aliens are my FAVOURITE! Boys are so good at filling the page, aren't they? L is still just scribbling, but he makes sure that the whole page is covered before he puts his markers away. E on the hand, she only just started filling the page this past winter. Before that, she just drew in one corner and claimed she was done. Of course, it was always a beautiful, well crafted picture. It just didn't take up much space. ;)


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