Sunday Sanity Saving Tip

just get on the treadmill

We bought a treadmill. A really deluxe treadmill that you might see at a gym (well, ok, it's not THAT deluxe but it's decently close). Our schedules are just too tight and there has been no time for either of us to work out- and let's face it, we both need it. We're not getting any younger and, for me at least, I have always had to work 10 million times harder than the average person to stay on the thinner side.

So, we bought a treadmill online because the sale was amazing. And then it arrived. They dropped it in my driveway- all 300 pounds of it. In a snowstorm. And left it for hubs and I to somehow (and I'm still not sure how) drag it into our house.

We did it, though. So determined are we to get back into the shape we once were in. But get it into our basement...not a chance. So now we have a treadmill, in our dining room. Aesthetically, it's awful but, you know what? It's working for us. Yes, it's shiny and new and exciting but we love working out on it and the location keeps it top of mind, a beacon calling out to me...reminding me it's there and needs to be used.

And, while my first run post-pregnancy (my 2008 pregnancy, that is!) was kinda torturous, I'm slightly excited to run when I wake up in the morning. So my Sunday Sanity Saving Tip = just get on the treadmill (or eliptical, or bike, or whatever). 


  1. Dragging it into the house must be part of the workout :)

  2. That's great! I love jogging on the tread mill with my tunes blasting.

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